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Is a clinical condition referred to regurgitation of partly digested food or regurgitation of acid from the stomach in to the oseophagus or in to the mouth, Water brash or heartburn is a burning sensation behind the breast bone or sternum. It is normal when it occurs occasionally and severe when it comes frequently, and indicates esophageal dysfunction.

Peptic ulcer-Causes Signs and symptoms Diet and Management
Irregular eating habits Acidity Avoidance of coffee canned food, citrus fruits, alcohol, cigarette
Stress, Tension Sour eructation Eat meals at regular intervals
Emotional factors like fear, anger, Tension Belching Do not over eat
Obesity Burning in chest after Eating Do not bend or exercise immediately after meals
Heavy and large meals Vomiting of sour / undigested food -
Certain drugs like aspirin, antibiotics, pain killers Pains related to meals -
Hyperacidity Gastric ulcer pain, usually aggravated after eating -
Hiatus Hernia Duodenal ulcer pain relived after eating -
Genetic factors - -
Blood group 'O' - -
Smoking, Alcohol - -

Homoeopathy aims at treating the patient symptomatically, i.e. treating the cause. Patient should examined individually and similimum selected

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