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Special Clinics available for
Acne or Pimples Acidity Heartburn, Water brash, Peptic ulcer
Acid peptic diseases Acute pharyngitis
Acute Tonsilitis Acute Viral syndromes
Addictions and Dependencies Allergic rhinitis
Allergies Allergy-nonspecific
Anxiety disorders Apthous ulcer
Arthritis Asthma
Attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder Back disorders
Behavioural Disorders Childhood Ailments
Chronic fatigue syndrome Chronic Pain
Chronic Sneezing Colic
Confidence (lack of self confidence) Croup
Depression Dermatitis
Diabetes Dysmenorrhoea
Eczema Enuresis
Fears and Phobias Fibro myalgia
Functional complaints Grief reactions
Hemorrhoids(Piles) Hypertension
Ineffective labour Infertility
Insomnia Irregular periods
Mastitis Menopusal ailments
Menstrual irregularities Migraine
Musculo skeletal disorders Neurotic disorders
Osteoarthritis Otitismedia acute as well as chronic Otitis media
Piles / Hemorrhoides Pre menstrual syndrome
Recurrent infection to children Recurrent miscarriage
Recurrent Tonsilitis Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections to children
Recurrent urinary tract infections etc. Recuurent Sinusitis
Renal calculi or Kidney stones Rheumatic Disesases
Sprains / strains Stage fright
Thyroid disorders Toxaemias of pregency
Upper respiratory infection -

Foods to be avoided
Migraine Bloating and flatulence Acne Piles and Eczema
Alcohol Pulses Ice creams Chicken / Meat
Chocolates Onions, Cabbage Fish liver oils Dairy products
Salty and fried foods Nuts - Fried foods
Citrus foods - - -
Coffee, Cola drinks, Coca, Tea - - -
Dairy products - - -

Homoeopathic remedies are thought to work more efficiently if the body is not over taxed by other medicines or aggravating factors or toxins.

Healthy eating as well as good sleeping habits and regular exercise all help to give the body the best possible chance to heal itself.

Prophylactic Treatment Available for
Childhood complaints in ailments like colic, Bed wetting, Fever, Teething problems, Nappy rash, Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, Tonsillitis etc.

Women ailments like Thrush, Pre menstrual syndrome, Heavy menstruation, Painful menstruations, Absent menstruation, Menopause etc.

All viral infections like Dengue fever, Chicken pox, Chickun gunya, Conjuctivitis, Measles, Mumphs, etc.

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